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Tina has been a Christian educator for almost two decades. Her passion for fitness, nutrition and health has inspired children and adults alike. She is an IronMan, successfully completing IronMan Florida in 2011, along with numerous other triathlons and endurance events including the Boston Marathon. Living in South Florida with her daughter Avery, she continues to inspire her students to a healthy life, living an abundant life in Christ.

Her passion for this life is fueled with the message of her husbands’ life and death. After James’ death, she continues to hold onto the vision God gave her for his life.

She believes that God told her that James would “rescue souls from the flames,” as referenced in Jude 23, not just as a firefighter while he was alive, but his story after his death would rescue souls from the eternal flame by bringing others to the knowledge of Jesus Christ. Her prayer is that many would find peace, truth and hope in hearing how James is “finally home.”

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