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His Legacy in the Bahamas continues…


Notice the student to your right.  She is wearing the “James Reeder Memorial Shirt” and is currently in the Bahamas on the 8th grade missions trip.  When Avery was in 8th grade at Calvary Christian Academy, her class attended this missions trip as well.  I remembering asking James if he wanted to go as a parent/chaperone/medic.  When he said yes, I quite honestly was amazed.  “God, you really have done a great work in this man’s heart.”  What I didn’t know is that this would be the last significant time that Avery would have with her daddy.  After returning from the trip, he died 10 days later.

Even still with that precious blessing to hold, God again was faithful to Avery and I and allowed us to go back together last year.  It would be Avery’s senior year at CCA and we went with the 8th grade students.  Not sure what I was looking for on that trip, but I can tell you what I found… peace.

The year James and Avery attended, everyone loved the fires James built.  He was the perfect “fireman”.   It was common that the leaders have a bon fire every evening with worship and devotion time. On our last night, last year I found myself by that fire even after everyone had left.  I couldn’t seem to pull myself away.  Then I heard my beautiful Savior speak to my heart and tell me, “I spoke to James sitting here.  He loved me Tina.  He was right with me.  Take comfort daughter, I drew him to this place and he made it right with me.  He is with me now.  I am faithful.”  I left that fire knowing I could move on. The little last bit of doubt that I carried was gone.  Praise the Lord…James is finally home!

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