Receive the Greatest Gift
His ways

“For my thoughts are not your thoughts, neither are your ways my ways,” declares the LORD. Isaiah 55:8

It’s been almost a year since the publication of Finally Home and I wonder if God is done with it yet. I carry one with me everywhere I go, it’s in my gym bag, my purse, and the glove box of my car. Many times I find myself in conversation with someone I just met and before I know it I find myself saying, “Wait, I have something for you.” The handing of the book to this person is usually coupled with tear filled eyes, and a facial expression that shows gratitude and blessing. A gift. One I pray they accept with eternal purpose.

I was on my way to work the other morning, same routine, same route. As I slowed to stop at a red light on the exit ramp from the highway, I found myself behind a red Toyota Prius. Truth be told, sometimes I like to make up stories of people in cars. I like to guess if a guy or girl is driving the car, and make up a life story based on the color, model or stickers I notice on the bumper. I know, it may seem strange but I like to entertain myself at traffic lights. This particular morning, looking at the red hybrid and the license plate frame, I was able to start my story. This was a guy that commuted a long distance on I95, the license plate frame advertised a car dealer in Martin County. Then I noticed the Maltese cross sticker. Clean-shaven guy, approximately 50 years old, Firefighter! I got his whole story in a matter of a two-minute stop at a traffic light. He drives from Martin County to his station in Fort Lauderdale! The next traffic light we were along side each other. I thought, “my book, in my glove box, but do I have enough time?’ I considered grabbing it and handing it to him through the window but didn’t think I had enough time before the light turned green, so I prayed. “Lord, do you want me to give him a book? Can I tell him you love him?” He seemed too familiar. I wanted to say to him, “My husband was a firefighter in Martin County.  Do you live in Martin County?  He would commute the same distance you do. One day he was killed on his way to work, the job he loved probably just as much as you do.  God had me notice you this morning and give you this.  He loves you very much.”  Would God give me the opportunity to say it? The light turned green and I continued behind him. He was heading to the fire station right across from my work. I knew it! So, I followed him all the while excited that I get to tell a fireman that God loves him.

I turn behind him to the street right before the station and another truck gets between us, apparently another fireman. As I follow them both to the station he pulls up to a gate, inserts a passkey, and the gate opens. I realize I am not going to be able to get to him. He and the truck enter the gate and I am left on the outside. I met his eyes as he pulled through the gate; I turned around and pulled away. Defeated and disappointed, I said aloud to God, “I thought you were going to let me tell him You love him?”  To which I heard the Lord say, “My ways are not your ways.” “Ok, God. Can you tell him another way? Please make sure he knows You love him today, please,” I replied with a lump in my throat. “I want them all to know, please tell them all just like you told James.”





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