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I just went for a run….

What a beautiful day yesterday in South Florida.  Perfect day for a run.  As soon as I could escape from that concrete building I was on my way home to get on my running shoes and head to the beach.  Beautiful!  There is something precious about running next to the ocean listening to worship music.  The lyrics “…if His grace is an ocean we are all sinking”, really hits my heart as I run by that vast, enormity of salt water.  I didn’t want to stop running, but after two miles I thought better knowing I haven’t run in awhile and this 46 year old body doesn’t respond well to inconsistency.

On my way back to my car, (I always start and finish at the fire station) I noticed a fireman sitting outside the station reading a book.  The Holy Spirit spoke “give him your book to read.”  I ran to my car, got the book and walked back to the station.  He remembered me.  He asked about Avery.  I had been there before and he knew the story.  Now he will know the details, see the faces, experience the truth.  Lord Jesus, take that simple little book and multiply your blessings and truth through it.  Use it to melt the heart of this fireman and the others in that station.  Secure them a place in Your Kingdom.  In Jesus Name, AMEN!

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