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My Calvary Chapel University Story

Boating is a common recreational activity in the State of Florida.  With over 30,000 lakes and waterways in the state most have enjoyed a day fishing, waterskiing or cruising the ocean or lakes but do you wear a PFD (personal flotation device)?  The Florida State law is that children must wear one and each vessel must carry a coast guard approved life jacket for each person on board but I must say, I don’t wear one.  Mostly because they are uncomfortable, bulky and honestly would give me bad tan lines.  So what does my fun facts about lifejackets have to do with my personal CCU story you ask?  You guessed it!  CCU was my life jacket.  My story starts in January 2014 when I was curious enough to take my first course “Keeper of the Home” in the Biblical Leadership – Women’s Ministry program.  I took it because I had been teaching home economics at Calvary Christian Academy, this being my now 16th year, I like any teacher wanted to sharpen her knowledge so that I had more to pour into my students.  I had tried other graduate programs in the past but found them too expensive, too complicated, unrelated, or just too hard to manage the workload verses my life load.  There was something very different about my involvement in CCU however that went well beyond the intellectual, right to the heart, it became my life jacket that God had placed on me in January before the “ship hit the sand bar.”  See, when I am on a boat having a great time, I am not thinking about the possible dangers therefore I am not concerned about my boat capsizing.  In April of the same year I started CCU tragedy hit our CCFL family, the waves overcame me and I was left breathless, our church would never be the same, our captain was taken out.  With the recent removal of our pastor, I man who had been my “captain” for almost 20 years and whom God used to lead me to Christ, my world was shaken.  This coming 5 years after the death of my husband I was in shock, another loss, another hurricane.  How does CCU compare to a life jacket you ask?  God had tossed it on me to keep me a float during the turbulent waters, it was my course work at CCU that gave me the opportunity to stay consistent in the Word and be challenged academically in my study.  As our pulpit here was shaken, CCU remain firm and the consistently of study and the pouring in of the Word continued through that time.  I grew deeper into His Truth, applying this truth in my ministry and seeing fruit.  My faith was increased and stabilized.  Now coming out of that season with my planned graduation this December, I am grateful for a ministry that pours into me therefore I can more effectively pour out to others.  It is a mistake to believe that those whom serve in ministry have no need for ministry themselves.  CCU has been that vehicle, that life jacket to keep me a float but more importantly to strengthen me to grab others and just keep on swimming.

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